Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

Broke businessman showing his empty walletWhen finances have reached the point where a bankruptcy attorney is needed, it is tempting to just call the first attorney you find and get started without checking out the attorneys credentials.  Before you hire a bankruptcy attorney in Denver, what should you ask to ensure your case gets the best result?

Does the attorney personally work on your case, or hand it off to a paralegal?

It is common to have a paralegal help with prep work, but if the attorney isn’t actually going through your case, why are you paying a premium for the peace of mind the attorney offers?  A bankruptcy attorney should spend time with every case that goes through their office.  Chris German takes time from the beginning of your case until the end.

Do you feel comfortable the bankruptcy lawyer will have your back?

When you work with an attorney, there are small details that can add to thousands of dollars if they are not addressed.  You have a condo in downtown Denver you live in, the condo gets covered so you don’t have to move, but the attorney forgets to ask about parking spaces, so you lose 2 spaces at $30,000 ea.  Was it worth $60000 to save $500 on a bankruptcy?

Do you like the attorney?

This one may seem odd, but you are going to have to spend some time with the attorney, so it is nice if you like them and want to work with them.

Do they return calls? How long does it take?

If you call in for a bankruptcy consultation with a bankruptcy attorney and it takes your attorney 2 days to call back, how long will it take them to file and do all of the other work?  When you are stressed and have important questions will they take a week?

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