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Personal Injury Lawyer – Car Accidents

Accidents can happen – anywhere, at any time. If you’re busy at work or confined to bed, don’t worry—we’re happy to meet with you where ever you are. Your initial consultation is FREE! If you need immediate medical attention due to your injury and cannot afford it, we have relationships with numerous medical providers who will assist you.

What You Can Expect

The reason you should contact the Law Offices of Christopher German when you’ve been injured is you need help as soon as possible. Whether it’s dealing with the insurance company or receiving medical attention for your injuries, you need an attorney to help sort through the red tape. You have enough to handle, let Christopher German remove the stress.

It is very important you understand your legal rights and to have the right attorney to protect you. Not all attorneys are created equal. The Law Offices of Christopher German has the expertise to fully protect your legal rights and maximize your recovery.

When an accident victim suffers injuries their life is changed forever. Frequently, these injury victims may need medical care for the remainder of their life. They lose their ability to work and earn income and often times may need someone to care for them because they are unable to care for themselves.

The cost of the medical treatment for this type of care is often beyond the ability that many families can afford to pay. Many families do not have health insurance or sufficient financial resources to pay for this type of medical treatment and even if they do have health insurance, there are limits on the amount that health insurance will pay.

Law Offices of Christopher GermanCaring and Compassionate

We understand that serious and catastrophic injuries present significant challenges to each and every aspect of daily living. There is a constant and significant pain that someone seriously injured must live with, but sometimes daily tasks that were once easy to perform can no longer be done by the injured victim. Recovering from serious and catastrophic injuries require a significant amount of time. Unfortunately, there are many times when it is not possible to make a full recovery. Should this happen, an injured victim must learn to adapt to any permanent impairments that they have. This adaptation is a difficult process. Physical rehabilitation is usually involved, often for a very long time. In Addition, there are also emotional and psychological challenges that victims will face. If you have no insurance our team of medical providers will assist in your treatment at no cost.Car Crash Head On

Law Offices of Christopher German- EXPERTS

We have assembled a team of experts to ensure your case is strong as possible and to maximize the legal compensation to which you are legally entitled. We work with a well recognized network of specialists in medicine, accident reconstruction, engineering, among other areas of expertise. In partnership with these experts, we establish liability and calculate the cost of your future medical treatment, the wages you lost from your inability to work, and quantify, in a compassionate matter, the loss of the quality of your life as a result of the accident that caused your injuries.

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