Group Tries to Help Homeless Vets

Group Searches for, helps Homeless Veterans

One group is going out of its way to help homeless veterans. Known as “Vet Hunters” this group searches areas where homeless people frequent, looking for veterans they can assist in the process.The organizationwas started by Joe Leal, an Iraqi war veteran who felt more neededto be done to combat homelessness amongst veterans. He claims that many of these veterans are hesitant to contact the Veteran’s Administration due to the “red tape” involved in filing a claim. Leal states that it takes the VA an average of 260 days to answer a disability claim, and many find themselves without a roof over their heads as a result.In its relatively short existence, Vet Hunters is credited with helping more than 1,500 veterans find shelter. The organization has opened a number of shelters exclusively for veterans, and claims that it’s important for service members to stay together since they are more likely to understand each other’s sorrows.

The group refers to its assistance as “vetworking”. Their goal is to eventually have a mobile command center that would allow them to do on-the-spot counseling and a fleet of vehicles that could be used to transport veterans to job fairs and government agencies.

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates there are currently 67,000 homeless veterans across the country. Their goal is to reduce that number to zero by 2015. Leal claims that more needs to be done to “meet the veteran where they live” if this goal is to be accomplished.

This issue is prevalent and many former veterans find readjusting back into society to be difficult and often file for bankruptcy and need mental health help.  We do our best to help veterans needing bankruptcy help to be able to get it at an affordable rate here in Denver!
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